Exploring Su Shi's Social Network Dynamics 1092-1096:A Digital Humanities Approach

Abstract: This project employs digital humanities methodologies to investigate the evolution of Su Shi's social network during a pivotal period, spanning five years before and after Emperor Zhezong's ascend to power. Focusing on Su Shi's shifting fortunes from high officialdom to subsequent exile, the study aims to discern and analyze the alterations in his social interactions and friendships.

Drawing from Kong Fanli’s Chronicle of Su Shi (苏轼年谱), along with data sources from CBDB and Su Shi's collected works and those of his associates on the Chinese Text Project, this research delves into the intricate fabric of Su Shi’s relationships and ideas. Utilizing methods such as intertextual analysis, interpersonal network exploration, and conceptual network analysis, this study investigates how Su Shi's interactions with his close friends and associates during this period influenced his literary creations and political viewpoints.

# Team members

  • Sijia Liu, Master of Liberal Arts, University of Pennsylvania
  • Chih-yun Liu, Institute of History, NTHU
  • Annie Ren, Postdoctoral Fellow, The Australian National University
  • Wenda Wang, Local History, Oxford University
  • Huang Bo, Data Analysis, Nanyang Technological University

# Supervisor