First Week, Jul.30-Aug.5

Date Content
Sun. Jul. 30 AM 1) Guest Talks on Course Initiation
2) Introduction to the Digital Humanities & the syllabus
3) Group Discussion: “Humanities Innovation in AI Age”
PM Humanities Research Framework
Mon. Jul. 31 AM A Case Study on Local Gazetteer
PM GIS Analysis
Tue. Aug. 1 AM Textual Analysis
PM ChatGPT in Humanities Studies
Wed. Aug. 2 AM Concept History Analysis
PM Subject Evolution Analysis
Thu. Aug. 3 AM Text Reuse Analysis
PM Text Similarity Analysis
Fri. Aug. 4 AM Network Analysis
PM Network Analysis
Sat. Aug. 5 Cultural Heritage Experience

(Note: The first week of the workshop is lecture-based. Students will be grouped according to their research interests and will conduct a typical literature seminar under the guidance of the project supervisor)

Second Week, Aug.6-12

Sun. Aug. 6 AM Case Study 1
PM Student Group Work
Mon. Aug. 7 AM Office Hours
PM Student Group Work
Tue. Aug. 8 AM Case Study 2
PM Student Group Work
Wed. Aug. 9 AM Peer feedback session
PM Student Group Work
Thu. Aug. 10 AM Case Study 3
PM Student Group Work
Fri. Aug. 11 AM Office Hours
PM Student Group Work
Sat. Aug. 12 Group Presentation

(Note: In the second week students will be grouped into project teams. Each team will organize academic activities to advance their research around the chosen research topic, under the intensive communication and guidance of the project supervisor.)