Rebuilding the Social Relations of the Niu and the Li Party​

Abstract: Situated in the Late Tang period, the Niu-Li factional strife has often been regarded as a significant force that contributed to the ultimate collapse of the Tang court. Numerous prior researches have studied the significance of the event, its relation to the political paradigm of late Tang, specific members categorized into the two parties, and the characteristics of the two parties. However, the majority of these researches relies on qualitative methods, leaving a potential gap of some people relationships went unnoticed during manual, subjective analysis. Therefore, this research hopes to draw from the people relationship recorded in the China Biographical Database Project (CBDB) and relevant epitaphs documented in the China Stone Inscription Database to offer new insights about the Niu-Li factional strife. Conducting social network analysis based on these historical documents, we hope to quantitatively construct a thorough image of the member-member relationship in the strife, revealing previously unnoticed political, social, and/or cultural relationships.​

# Team members

  • Wang Xinxuan, History, Capital Normal University
  • Lin Huixiang, History, Peking University
  • Guo Wenqian, Social Science of the Internet, University of Oxford
  • Hong Jianxuan, Archaeology, Renmin University of China

# Supervisor