Exploration of Poetics and Academic Relationship of Jiangxi School of Poetry Based on Quantitative Analysis

Abstract: The Jiangxi Poetry School is a poetry school with great influence in the history of literature, but it has also been fiercely criticized. In view of the controversy over "existence" and "internal group division" of the Jiangxi Poetry School, this paper attempts to objectively and quantitatively describe the textual characteristics of the Jiangxi Poetry School from the three dimensions of rhyme, language and theme, and verify its existence. On this basis, we try to analyze the typicality of the poets within the school and their specific emphasis on learning Du Fu, and then revise and supplement the genealogy of the existing Jiangxi poetry school, and form a re-understanding of the style and academic origin of the Jiangxi poetry school. Firstly, we construct a corpus of texts by Du Fu, 24 Jiangxi poets who are currently undisputed by scholars, and the Quan Song Poems. Secondly, we compare the texts of 24 poets with the Quan Song Poems, and use quantitative means such as co-word analysis, sentiment analysis, text classification, intertextual analysis and theme modeling to excavate the characteristics of the texts and establish the style standards of the Jiangxi Poetry School. Then, we use the style standard to examine the Jiangxi poets' texts, so as to form the understanding of the typical degree of each poet. Finally, focusing on the academic origin of "learning Du", we continue to compare Du Fu's text with the texts of poets of the Jiangxi Poetry School from three dimensions, clearly quantify the focus of each poet's study of Du Fu, and promote the objective re-understanding of the affiliation of controversial poets' genres. In summary, we intend to quantify the abstract perception of appreciation, re-evaluate the achievements and status of the Jiangxi School of poetry in literary history, and explore a new paradigm of literary criticism in the era of digital humanities.

Keyword: Jiangxi poetry school style measurement, sentiment analysis, text classification, topic modeling, co-word analysis, intertextual analysis

# Team members

  • Chen Yujie, Beijing Normal University
  • Xiang Wenting, Beijing Normal University,
  • Wu Yi, Sichuan University,
  • Wu Ruiwen, Shanghai International Studies University,
  • Fu Yanmeng, Peking University,
  • Lu Quanyu, Tsinghua University,

# Supervisors